November 30

Me In A Minute Reflection…

Today all the year 6’s got together into groups of seven to compare their ‘Me In A Minute’ Data. We put our data into a graph and then figured out the mean, average, range and mode of each activity. Below is our data:


Whilst doing this I found out:

  • That I achieved over the average in most things
  • The most common number to show up in push ups was 50.
  • The closest person in Star Jumps to the average was Jackson
  • Our group had similar scores


Whilst doing this activity I practiced a lot. Every night I would do 30 push ups, and scissors to help improve my stamina and stability. With basketball hoops, I used to play netball so I would shoot around 30-50 goals each night, from different angles. I practiced quite a bit at home which I think helped quite a lot.

November 16

Independent Maths…..


Most people thing of algebra as (xy x 2g). I’ll admit I used to think that but after today I’ve discovered it isn’t like that at all. There are heaps of different aspects of algebra. Like terms. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, substitution and grouping symbols. Today I learnt about substitution, like terms, add and subtracting algebra and to be honest it’s pretty easy. I have achieved a lot in this session because I was entirely focused on my task. My goal is to complete all of these aspects of algebra. I will know I have completed this once all my maths online tasks are complete. Here is one of the tutorials I was given :


November 3

Oaks Day

Today was Oaks Day for year 6. We dressed up as if we were going to the Melbourne Cup and then held a fashion parade. I was one of the three winners of the classroom fashion parade. It was a great experience. Here is the description Tamiah wrote about me:




October 24

Healthy Facts

This term our inquiry unit is health. We had to create a booklet about the type of health our group was working on:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Personal
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Here are 10 facts I learnt about these seperate parts of health:

  • The first text message was sent by a P.C
  • The first phone with a full keyboard was produced in 1997
  • 666 is also known as the beast, and it dates back to the 13th revolution
  • Bloody Mary is an urban legend
  • You need 150 minutes of exercise per day
  • The number one cause of death world wide is obesity
  • Schizophrenia causes people to react differently to situations
  • It is common for someone to have 1-2 dreams per night, and still not be able to remember it the next morning
  • If you hurt the left side of your body it effects the right side of the brain
  • Meditating can improve the amount of sleep you get

Some weird human facts I found about the human body are:

  • The longest finger nails in the world are  8.65m long
  • The longest nose in the world is 8.8cm
  • The tallest man living is Sultan Kösen and he stands 251cm






October 19

Me In A Minute (P2)

To increase my results in ‘Me In A Minute’, I am going to be working on getting a better score on the three tasks that I felt I could have done better in. I’m going to be working on:

Basketball Shots from the freethrow line


Push Ups




Above I have listed links of tutorials on how to do all of these properly,  on Friday I will post if these tutorials worked and how much I increased my score by. Below I will list my individual goals for each activity:


Whats your three goals? And how do you plan on improve it? 😉



After doing the ‘Me In A Minute’  for a second time I found that I increased my score in most activities. I felt like I don’t need to really work on the goals I previously posted. But I feel like I need to work on:

  • Tennis balls in the target
  •  Basketball in the hoops
  • Skipping

Below is my graph of how much I have improved since the last time we did ‘Me In A Minute’.





October 7

Me in a minute…..


Yesterday we completed a fitness task that relates to health. Above are my results. I’m proud of my effort and reached my goal on all of them. Here is a photo of the average scores for each sport:


On the range I sit on the higher side of the range which makes me proud of myself. Here is the range of each sport:


How can we make the results more accurate?

Next time we do this I think there should be more demonstrations of the actual activity because people weren’t doing burpies and push ups correctly.


3 goals you are going to work on..

The three goals I’m going to work on are:

  1. Practice shooting from the free throw line- I will shoot hoops at home and play shoot and run at school to improve my accuracy. I would like to work on my technique not necessarily shooting in general because it depends on the amount of time it takes to retrieve the ball.
  2. Do regular burpies and push ups to increase my score- 50 each every day, then see how many I can get in a minute and slowly progress in arm strength.
  3. Practice jumping to improve train track jumps and star jumps- practicing on a concreted line for 1 minute, I would like to get around 180-200 train track jumps and about 197 star jumps.

How did you go? Comment and I’ll try and get back to you 🙂

October 4


How does Wonder by R.J Palacio relate to physical, mental, spiritual, social and personal health at school?


Because I have read this book several times I find this book really is sad but true because some kids may feel the way Auggie does. To me ‘Wonder’ represents help because it talks about he’s wellbeing and the way he feels throughout everything that happens.

In ‘Wonder’ Auggie often talks about the names he is called such as Freddy Krueger and Freak, and how he is judged by the way he looks by many kids such as Jack, Julian and the other boys and girls at Beecher Prep.

Auggie is usually put down by other kids which can also effect kids mentally because you can only take so much bullying until it starts to get to you.

One of my favourite parts in this book is when his mum tells him he is beautiful, because it gains him self confidence and makes him feel like he is beautiful on the inside and the out, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says it’s his opinion that matters most.



Because I have read this book I feel like Auggie is put down a lot but from the description he is a fairly physical kid.



R.J Palacio Inspiration

About 5 years ago, Raquel J Palacio and her 2 sons walked into an ice cream store, whilst her eldest son went to get milkshakes she realised she was sitting next to a young girl with a craniofacial difference. Her youngest son reacted in a way that wouldn’t make a huge impact on the little girl as R.J Palacio assumed that many people would have reacted that way which would have made the little girl feel upset and different to other kids. Later that night as she was thinking about the situation, a song called ‘Wonder’ came on and the lyrics meant something to her so she started writing Wonder. Wonder’s purpose is to make kids that do suffer from a face deformation had a little faith that they aren’t different to every other child. R.J Palacio believes that the book will make readers think through there reactions towards people like Auggie. After reading ‘Wonder’ it’s changed the way I react now because whenever I walk past someone like August, the best thing to do is smile at them to make them feel like they aren’t so different.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”  -Mahatma Gandhi.



September 16


Hey Bloggers :),

Over the past few weeks the grade 6 classes were split into groups and given a country they could research about for inquiry. The country Amelia, Tamiah and I chose was Somalia. The biggest influence that Somalia had on Australia was all the refugees that were either legally or illegally migrating to Australia. The population has massively increased thanks to refugees seeking asylum. Our model that we created was the Somalian “Isbaheyiga Mosque”. From our feedback sheets we got lots of people saying great things about our model. Such as it replicates the real life model etc. In my opinion our model- part of our presentation went well because we didn’t stumble on words and we spoke clearly and fluently. Here is our model:

imageOur lesson was a language lesson where the rest of the grade had to translate a sentence and the first person to do so got a piece of ‘canjeero’. I think our lesson was fairly successful but the audience kept calling out. If we did this again I think we should try and control the lesson more. Two of the most awesome comments that stood out to us was:
“You were the only group with audio/video, good job”
“The model looks like a midget version”.


My personal goal was to speak loudly and clearly because I often go loud and then quieter and quieter. I think I achieved this goal because the feedback sheets said I spoke loud and fluently. What did your feedback sheets say? 😉

August 31

Independent Maths….

Today my goal was to:

Add and Subtract fractions. 

I think I will continue to work on this goal next week because I am struggling a bit with subtracting fractions that have different denominators. Today I completed a few fraction tasks on maths online. Here is my evidence:



What is your maths goal this week? Comment below and I’ll try and get back to you 😉